QCubed v3

The rapid PHP5 application development framework

Easy enough for beginners to get started quickly. Plenty of power for seasoned professionals. Excels at large-scale business apps.

How to QCubed

  1. Design your database
  2. Run the code generator to generate a default web application, complete with default models, controllers and views to create, update and delete database records.
  3. Use the ModelController Editor to swap out widgets and tweak the code generator.
  4. Modify subclasses of your models, controllers and views to create your business logic, and add CSS to make it look great.
  5. Iterate!

QCubed allows one person or a small team to manage a very large and diverse web application. Its structure makes it easy to make changes across your entire application. Business applications and intranet sites are ideal candidates for a QCubed application.

Change is a part of life, and a part of web applications. When you change your database schema, you don't have to start over. QCubed's layered structure (scaffolding) lets you change your database, and quickly incorporate those changes into your web app without losing your previous work.

QCubed has an underlying 80-20 philosophy. Speed of development is prioritized over application performance at times. However, QCubed applications are still quite fast. And QCubed's structure is flexible enough to allow you to make performance modifications in specific areas of your application without sacrificing the overall flexibility of your application.

QCubed currently uses JQuery to drive its AJAX interactions, and has built-in support for standard html objects and jQuery UI widgets. There is also a Bootstrap plugin to easily add Bootstrap widgets. Its flexible plugin architecture makes it possible to work with a variety of javascript frameworks and widget sets.

QCubed actively supports MySQL and Postgres databases. However, many other database adapters (Oracle, MsSQL, etc.) have been written and could be used with minimal effort. NoSQL support is planned.

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  • PHP v5.4 or greater
  • JQuery 1.11 or greater
  • A SQL database supported by your PHP version